16 April 2021

VIMANA: our partners for IoT innovation

VIMANA was founded in 2009 in Berkeley, California by William Sobel and Athulan Vijayaraghavan, after debuting the MTConnect standard at the IMTS show in 2008. As co-authors of MTConnect and one of the first IoT innovators, the two founders began providing services for the manufacturing industry.

Today Vimana provides IoT solutions to hundreds of companies around the world. Since May 2018, Celada Group has been VIMANA’s business partner with the aim of:

Improving data quality

The cleaning of data collected from the field and from machines is simple so as to provide consistency and quality. Raw data is enriched to deepen meaning and make it reliable.

Reduce Time for Insights

The data preparation process is accelerated, resources are optimised to improve analyst productivity.

Simplify IoT Data Transformation

Where Massive, highly distributed volumes of diverse data is easily managed.

Take advantage of your data

Access a wealth of relevant data types, aligned with your business to gain insights and make timely decisions.

VIMANA allows clients to:

Accelerate Time To Market

Capitalise on a robust data transformation system with built-in capabilities to get results in a short time.

Reduce risks

Innovate together with industry experts to reach expectations within defined timelines.

Modularity and Economy

Save on developers and data resources, optimising costs.

Leverage Technology

Maximise investment in systems and devices across generations. Access and run it freely, anywhere. To find out more, contact us at the email address: industry4.0@celadagroup.comwww.govimana.com

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