YOUJI VHL series

The vertical lathes of the VHL series have a horizontal ram that is able to reach very large diameters for turning surfaces that are difficult to access. It is possible to keep the cutting tool short and strong and, more importantly, the workpiece does not need to be moved to another machine to complete the machining process.

Vertical lathes used in aerospace or shipbuilding have become much more sophisticated and the parts to be produced can vary in size from very small to very large. This makes it necessary to use extended tool holders that compromise machining accuracy. Thanks to the horizontal ram on the VHL series lathes, this problem is eliminated.

The ram can reach a maximum travel of 350mm .

The machines of the VHL series are able to perform, in addition to turning, also drilling, tapping and boring operations.

This ability to carry out different types of machining allows for benefits in terms of flexibility, efficiency and quality.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data VHL 1200 ATC, VHL 1200 ATC+C VHL 1600 ATC, VHL 1600 ATC+C VHL 2000 ATC, VHL 2000 ATC+C
Table diameter [mm] Ø 1250 1600 2000
Max. turning diameter [mm] Ø 1350 1800 2300
No. of tool positions mm 12 – 16 12 – 16 12 – 16

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