Okuma MCR series

The MCR series is designed for the complete machining of large workpieces and for complete milling with unrivalled precision. It is particularly suitable for use in the production of automotive, railway, ship and construction machinery components, as well as in the agricultural, aerospace and mould-making industries.

The proven Thermo-Friendly Concept guarantees maximum process reliability, measuring stability and form accuracy. Thanks to the powerful interchangeable heads and additional extension levels, the MCR series machines can be optimally adapted to 5-sided machining and workpiece requirements.

The cross beam designed as a W-axis ensures precise positioning of the tool on the surface of the workpiece. Along the Z-axis, the RAM (425 x 420 mm) is realised, which allows the interchangeable heads to be stably accommodated.

Specifiche tecniche

Table dimensions [mm]2000×4000 – 3000×120001500×3000 – 3000×120002800×1500 – 3000×11800
Spindle speed [min-1]4000 [6000]4000 [6000, 10000]4000 [3600, 6000, 8000, 10000]
Motor (VAC) [kW]45/3726/22 [30/22]30/22 [45/37, 26/22]
Support surface [mm]7810×10730 – 8710×284206180×8430 – 7780×284206995×8200 – 8780×27400

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